Top 10 Deadliest Submarines

No 4. Astute Class – UK

Units built 7 planned
Active 1
Speed 29 knots
Endurance 90 days
Range Effectively unlimited
Weapons carried Tomahawk cruise missiles; Harpoon anti-ship missiles in place of torpedoes6 x 533-mm bow tubes for 36 Spearfish torpedoesOR

Mines in place of torpedoes

The Astute class is the largest and most powerful nuclear attack submarines of the Royal Navy. It can carry a whopping 38 torpedoes at once and is home to a state-of-the-art pressurized water reactor. The class has been described as being even more complex than a space shuttle.


No 3. Seawolf Class – USA

Units built 3
Active 3
Speed 18 knots – Surfaced35 knots – Submerged
Endurance ?
Range Effectively unlimited
Weapons carried 8 x 660-mm torpedo tubes for 50 torpedoes or cruise missiles


Up to 100 mines in place of torpedoes or missiles

The Seawolf is a better and faster intended replacement for the Los Angeles class. Some budget constraints led to the cancelling of the full fledged production of the Seawolf class and only 3 could be completed.


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