Top 10 Deadliest Submarines

No 8. Victor III Class – Soviet Union

Units built 48
Active 4
Speed 32 knots
Endurance 80 days
Range Refueling after 30 years
Weapons carried 2 x SS-N-15 ‘Starfish’ anti-submarine missiles, plus 2 x SS-N-21 ‘Sampson’ cruise missiles or 2 x SS-N-16 ‘Stalion’ missiles2 x 650-mm and 6 x 533-mm bow tubes (two 533-mm tubes with 406-mm liners). 6 x 650-mm torpedoes an up to 18 x 533-mmOR

36 ground mines in place of torpedoes

These vessels were designed to protect the Soviet surface fleets and attack American submarines. This class was featured in the James bond movie The World is not Enough.


No 7. Sierra Class – Soviet Union

Units built 4
Active 2
Speed 10 knots – Surfaced32+ knots – Submerged
Endurance 200+ days
Range Effectively unlimited
Weapons carried SS-N-15 Starfish or SS-N-16 Stallion anti- submarine missiles; SS-N-21 Samson cruise missiles4 x 650-mm and 4 x 533-mm torpedo tubesOR

42 mines in place of torpedoes

These submarines can dive into greater depths than many other submarines due to its strong titanium pressure hull, which also provides more resistance to torpedo attacks.


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