Top 10 Deadliest Submarines

No 6. Trafalgar Class – UK

Units built 7
Active 6
Speed 30 knots
Endurance 90 days
Range Effectively unlimited
Weapons carried 5 x 21 inch torpedo tubesTomahawk land-attack cruise missilesSpearfish wire-guided heavyweight torpedoes.

Harpoon anti surface missiles.

Until the arrival of the Astute class, these were the most advanced nuclear fleet submarines of the Royal Navy. These submarines are fitted with Sonar 2076, claimed to be the most advanced in the world.


No 5. Type 093 Shang Class – China

Units built 6-8 planned
Active 2-3
Speed 35 knots
Endurance 80 days
Range Effectively unlimited
Weapons carried YJ-82 anti-ship missiles6 x 533-mm torpedo tubes

Deployed by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy, these submarines are some of the best in the business. These submarines are expected to replace Type 091 class very soon.

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