Steps for downgrading Bootloader in iPhone

Bootloader is a special code that runs when the iPhone is powered on. It prevents the loading of non-apple codes in to the iPhone. If there is no jailbreak program on a particular Bootloader then it can be downgraded by following the given process.


  • Unlock the phone after restoring it to 1.1.3.
  • Power on the iPhone and connect it the computer.
  • Follow this link to download the ZiPhone.
  • Extract the contents of ZiPhone on the desktop.
  • Type cmd in the run window to open the Command Prompt window.
  • Open the ZiPhone directory by typing the following command in the command prompt Desktop/ZiPhone
  • Press Enter to execute the command.
  • You will be prompted to enter the device in Recovery Mode.
  • Once the phone gets in recovery mode, type ziphone –b –v command to downgrade the Bootloader.
  • Once the files zibri.dat and iPhone are being searched, you will be prompted to wait for 2.5 minutes.
  • Ultimately your iPhone will be restarted and downgraded with 03.03.13 baseband to 3.9 Bootloader.
  • On the completion of downgrade process, it is advisable first to install BSD system and then go for OpenSSH from

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