Jailbreak PS3 with Nexus One

The process of jailbreaking PS3 from Android operated phones is free without any requirement of purchasing USB. Here the procedure of jailbreaking PS3 is given for the HTC Desire and Nexus One. For Nexus One, you have to root it first. If you have custom recovery on your phone then it is advisable to create backup of the Android.

  • Extract the package after downloading it.
  • Extract and copy the contents of “N1-CM6-PSFreedom.tar.gz” to the SD card.
  • Now make a copy of and and paste it in SD card’s root.
  • Restart the phone in Recovery Mode. For this, press the Power button while tapping the Home button trackball.
  • Install the
  • Restart the Phone
  • Now type the following commands though ConnectBot or any other app for terminals

  • Now switch off the PS3 and use USB to connect the phone.
  • Power on the PS3. Quickly press the button of Power and Eject one after the other.
  • This will hack your PS3. You can find the installation package file on the XMB in Game.
  • Now to get back to the normal state, restart the phone to Recovery and install
  • Unless original boot.img is installed, the Wi-Fi will remain disabled. The mass storage of USB will also be disabled.

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