Using Bluetooth for connecting iPhone to Home Network

Bluetooth technology is getting more and more popular because of its convenience in transferring data. This quick wireless technology is easy to setup and is being supported by almost all the current wireless devices. Here is a proven process on Mac computers to connect iPhone to home network via Bluetooth.


  • Turn on the option of Bluetooth on iPhone. For this, go to Settings. Press General and then press the Bluetooth button to switch it on.
  • Sync the Bluetooth to the computer. For this, let the Bluetooth menu remain open in the iPhone and go to Bluetooth menu in computer. Select the option of “Setup Bluetooth Device”.
  • This will make the computer scan the Bluetooth devices automatically and it will quickly detect the iPhone.
  • Click the button of Add to connect iPhone with the computer
  • You will be prompted to enter a number in your iPhone. Enter the number and press Accept. It will take few moments to quickly sync up the iPhone to the home network.

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