Taking Backup of Contacts Online in iPhone

Cell phone contacts are very important in today’s challenging environment where your network is your actual net worth. IPhone address book is the best of all that allows the users to easily manage the contacts. The best part is there are many apps that allow you to create backup of your contacts. Let’s discuss different backup methods in iPhone.

IDrive Lite:

It is a way to create free online backup of iPhone contacts. It only needs to download the app and creating an account and then you can store your contacts online.


It is another app developed by apple for storing contacts online. With MobileMe, users can access their contacts, notes, and calendars online. It syncs all the devices like Mac computer, iPad, iPhone, and iPod to the same account.

Google Sync:

Google sync performs in the same way as MobileMe. The difference is only in sync devices. It sync only to the iPhone.

Funambol Mobile Cloud Sync:

The mobile cloud service of this app allows iPhone users to store their contacts online. It syncs to the iPhone, iPad, blackberry, symbian phones, android tablet, PC and Mac.

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