Send text message remotely by using Command Line

The iPhone is a multimedia enabled Smartphone manufactured by Apple Company. Today in this article you will see that how to send text messages remotely from your iPhone by using Command line. Feel free to use the biteSMS with default message application but don’t think that you can also send free SMS messages from it.

You can use MAC, iPad or PC for this process. It means you can use anything that could access to command line terminal till the both devices are on the same network.

Keep reading below steps to send text messages remotely from command line.


  • Go to Terminal and then login as mobile not as the root. To do so, write mobile id ssh mobile@ip-address.
  • Write your password in from of label “Password”. By default, the password is “alpine” but it is strongly recommended to change it.
  • Now you have to write the below command to send text message. /Applications/ -send [-carrier|-bite] to_address text_msg
  • You can write any one of the following:

/Applications/ -send -bite recipient’s_phone_number “FSM”


/Applications/ -send -carrier recipient’s_phone_number “FSM”

That’s it! You have successfully sent your text message remotely from your iPhone. It’s really so simple. What you think guys?

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