How to Set up multiple monitors

1) Is your graphic board support multiple monitor?

• Your system must have two VGA,HDMI,or DVI that support another monitor.
• If not , buy one that does.

2) Replace new graphic board with previous one .

• Install a new graphic card if it is necessary.
• Uninstall old board driver.
• Control Palel?Programmas and features?find graphic cards?Uninstall.
• Turn of your PC unplug the components.
• Open the chassis remove the old graphics board and replace with new one.

3) Plug multiple monitor’s .

• Plug multiple monitors into the new graphic board.
• If your have HDMI monitor and your board support DVI in-put,you willpurchase a input converter.
• Size and resolution matter more then type.

4) Search drivers.

• Turn on your computer
• If you installed new graphic board your PC shouid recognize the appropriate drivers.

5) Install Graphic board.

• Right click on the screen
• Choose Personaliozed-Apperance and Personalization
• Display Setting: Click identify Monitors.
• Drag monitor in the diagram to amtch your set up’s physical layout.
• Select monitor to act as the main display.

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