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We’ve seen the used car market revolutionised in recent years by the online search engine.  Gone are the days when we’d trawl around windswept forecourts, looking through a narrow selection of second rate cars.  Courtesy of sites like and its associated mobile phone App, we can now track down and identify thousands of cars that fit our criteria exactly as opposed to being constrained by what the local dealership might have to offer. is one of the best examples of the used car search engine, due to its extensive database of more than 160,000 cars.  All aspects of the used motors market are represented, with cars offered from the private seller, local dealers and large volume car supermarkets.

The service that site offers has now been packaged into a portable and accessible App highly suited to anyone looking towards the used motors market for a bargain.  The second hand cars market is best taken advantage of by those who can combine an education in cars with the ability to locate the car of their choice.  The motors App is ideal for this purpose.

To use the App, you simply input a selection of search criteria and you will be returned a selection of cars from which you can make your shortlist.  Search fields include: Make, Location, Model, Distance, Body Style, Colour, Keyword, and price range.

The site is the second largest used cars classified network in the UK, and is therefore integral to the modern used car market.  Version 3.2 of the motors App look set to launch the brand further into popular consciousness and is an ideal acquisition for anyone who seeks the kind of choice a used motors internet search can offer.

The 3.3Mb App can be found on the website or through the Apps store under the lifestyle category.

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