10 Dogs Who Immediately Regretted Making Poor Life Decisions

The ability to understand the consequences of our actions is something that humans are exceptional for. Every single animal on this planet has probably one day done something that they have done that they later regret, like the fish that fell for the bait. Dogs, unable to understand the consequences of trying out something that might fail, always tend to fall victims to this.

These ten (10) photos show dogs experiencing the consequences of their mistakes, and by the looks of there faces, we can see that they totally have regrets.


1. I guess he should have decided to be done playing frisbee a little earlier.

dogs poor choices 1



2. It was soo easy to get in, but now I find it soo hard to get out.

dogs poor choices 2


3. Well, atleast I have a great view of the road and the people passing.

dogs poor choices 3


4. Apparently, its the new fashion trend.

dogs poor choices 4


5. Things were going awesome until the point when you reach the bottom.

dogs poor choices 5


6. Help me, huuuman

dogs poor choices 6


7. Atleast I can see through it…

dogs poor choices 7


8. We should have installed some brakes on this thing!!!

dogs poor choices 8


9. I guess I just really loved this part of the yard…

dogs poor choices 9


10. Just a liiittle bit later would have been great.

dogs poor choices 10

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