Jellyfish Lamps

This is ridiculously cool that one could be soo much inspired from this type of idea! Ever imagined having some glowing jellyfish inspite of lamp at your side table? This is amazingly cool stuff brought out to public. As we know jellyfish which infact are not fish, they are just vertebrates. They carry no bones in them and are like a jelly floating, swimming in the water. The one unique part of this kind of creatures are that they absorb the light and emit them when there is dark. So using this type of concept these fancy lamps were made. Talking about the science stuff bioluminescent proteins are actually the cause of emitting light and they are present in many creatures but jellyfish have a little more amount of them in it plus they carry no bones, so they might be perfect to chose from lamp making.


Now whether these are stuffed or what this is the information those people who built them can provide us. But all we know is that these type of jellyfish lamps are out for sale ranging from 35$ to 170$.


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