Lumio – The New Form of A Lamp

Inspired by the idea of an illuminated book, Lumio is going to be the next adorable lamp design. This lamp is like a book which when unfolded, gives you a decent light. It gets five stars due to its high level of portability and there are no switches or buttons. All you need to do

Recycled Scrap Metal Turned Into A Sea Angler Fish Lamp

Height of creativity: Justin LaDoux has made a sea angler fish lamp entirely out of recycled scrap metal. The big lamp is beautiful in its own right and can be fitted anywhere, though it will cost you, a lot. This giant fish lamp measures in at 5 feet tall, 4 feet wide and 5 feet long, which means

Jellyfish Lamps

This is ridiculously cool that one could be soo much inspired from this type of idea! Ever imagined having some glowing jellyfish inspite of lamp at your side table? This is amazingly cool stuff brought out to public. As we know jellyfish which infact are not fish, they are just vertebrates. They carry no bones in them