Bachmeier constructed table size PC named “iTableous”

iPhone fan Benjamin Bachmeier has created a very beautiful table size computer known as the iTableous. This cool computer works on MAC OS X 10.6.7 and also Windows 7 professional operating system.

It is table sized PC and HDTV that contains a huge white iPhone 4 case. You might be surprised after listening to this. Benjamin Bachmeier has used the good quality material for PC and gave careful and diligent effort from the last few months.

Of course the iTableous is not only table as it contain a Full HD TV along with DVB-T free view reception, dual boots with Windows 7 OS and MAC OS X, DVD player, microphone ports, 30 pin connector, HD 5.7 megapixel Camera to capture images and make videos and also iPhone dock connection. Unfortunately, you will find one defect in it and that is lack of ability to operate touchscreen with the help of peripheral devices like mouse and keyboard.

With no doubt, the craftsmanship is really fantastic. Most of the buttons present on iPhone edge and Home button work well. The base of PC is flexible so the entire piece can be flipped up easily. It is too good for watching movies or any videos that you want.

It’s really a nice work. What do you think about this awesome giant device?

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