Linux/OS X Geek to Upgrade Aging PowerBook

It has really very enjoyable to use PowerBook for the system as Mac OS X is very easy to use because I have using it for a long time. There was time to upgrade Mac OS 10.3 version as there are many interesting features in Mac OS 10.4 which includes Automator and Spotlight. So it was high time to upgrade the PowerBook from the older version to the new one i.e. Tiger.

Previously two main problems was a big issue for the user:

  • There are different files messed up on different applications.
  • There was less space in that PowerBook and the upgrade gave an access to more space.

The best solution for these issues is to install Tiger on an external drive and you can easily swap it with the existing hard drive of your PowerBook. Now you can easily transfer data from the old drive to the new one. After finishing with the installation the old drive will now work as an external backup. You can also boot the virgin copy of Tiger on the new drive. With the new OS installed on the new disk it is now time to customize them on Linux/OS X.

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