Watch Out For Mac Defender!

Talk about strong operating systems and the first name that pops up in your head is that of Mac, one of the main reasons that makes it solid is the fact that you don’t have to deal with unnecessary viruses.

While the programmers out there have so far instilled their energies targeting the PCs mainly the focus is now shifting towards operating systems like Mac which were considered safe in the past.

The Mac Defender is one such software that has been designed to give Mac users a virus-free environment but in actual practice the results are on the contrary as it makes the working environment more hazardous for users.

The user-alerts for identification of viruses come in the form of irritating pop-ups. Disclosing credit-card information in order to purchase the software and get full protection is one other feature that bugs the users even more then the virus itself.

It’s high time for transition if you’re a Mac user, preventive action might be a better choice than buying yearly subscription for anti-virus software.

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