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How About iPhones Made In America?


Apple employs around 25,000 Americans from sea to shining sea. That sounds good until you consider that the iPod/ iPhone/ iPad revolution has resulted in creation of some 250,000 jobs in China. Here’s a modest enough proposal: bring those jobs home, Apple. What would happen?


Around 250,000 jobs would be created and not just any 250,000 jobs; specifically 250,000 solid jobs for lower skilled and/or undereducated adult Americans. Furthermore, a reduction in the U.S. Trade Deficit would take place. As per a research carried out by the ADB Institute back in 2009, the iPhone adds 1.9 billion dollars to our annual trade deficit because it’s made in China.

However, the negative side of the story is that an American made iPhone would cost around   $240. Nonetheless, as the research suggests, even a $500 iPhone would give Apple a 50% profit margin. 

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