Singapore Airline To Offer Private Luxury Suites with Double Beds and Armchairs

Even if you book your ticket in first class seating, you get annoyed or disturbed if the flight is long. If you are unlucky, the snoring of the nearby passenger can make it miserable. Well, if you are wealthy enough, an airline is offering the perfect solution. The Singapore Airline, on it’s new A380 jets, will provide high class passengers a private cabin, which has the most luxurious setup currently available in air. Each cabin has a double bed along with italian stitched comfy arm chairs. Moreover, there is a separate 23 inch T.V in each cabin on which you can see your desired programs. So now you can sleep, relax or entertain yourself, the way you like.

The Five class luxuries don’t end here. The airline staff will spoil your taste buds with a delicious menu and the finest wines from around the world. To be honest, it all sounds like a dream but the price will shake you up. It costs $15,750 per person (still less than a private plane) with no separate bathrooms.

So if you are wealthy enough to throw some money on this flying luxury, air travelling cannot get better than this.

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