iPhone 4S Is More Cheaper Than 4G Droids

On Friday, the Deutsche Bank’s Chris Whitmore writes to clients, “We expect customers who do the math to opt for the iPhone.” He further adds that even the customers who don’t do the math will opt for it.

These words from Whitmore are based on the analysis of price, features and total cost of ownership of the refreshed iPhone 4S in relation to its leading competitors.

At $199 with a two-year contract, the iPhone 4S is approximately having the same price as the 3G handsets with Google’s Android OS. Moreover, when it comes to 4G-based phones like the Samsung Galaxy S 11($229), Droid Bionic ($299) and HTC Thunderbolt ($249), iPhone 4S is on an average about $60 less.

Here under is the Deutsche Bank’s chart showing purchase costs and total cost per month over the period of a two year contract.

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