Install Navix XBMC plugin On Your iPhone device

XBMC are cool plugins that are available for AppleTV 2. But! Now people prefer iPhone and iPad devices rather than AppleTV 2. Today this tutorial will guide you how to take advantage of XBMC plugin into your iPad or iPhone device. Here we are using Navix XBMC plugin as an example. Keep reading below points!

  • Firstly, you need to install XBMC on your iPhone or iPad device.
  • Once you are done, go to Cydia and then install iFile.
  •  Open Safari browser from your mobile and write in URL bar.
  •  Navix website will be opened and it will ask you to download zip file. Click on Latest Version tab.
  • If you have GoodReader then it will ask you for opening zip file with this app. If this happens, click on “Open In” and then select the option “iFile”.
  •  File will be downloaded from website and iFile will open. It will ask you that what action you want to perform with downloaded zip file. Click cancel to leave it as a zip file.
  • Load XBMC. Navigate to its Settings, select option “Install from zip file” and then tap Home folder. Now choose option where you want to save it and click Ok to install it.
  • Go to HBMX home page and Navix will be listed under Programs.  

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