Apple Contacting iPhone 4S Owners To Address Battery Life Issues

Since the moment iPhone 4S got launched, some users are complaining about its poor battery life. Although, Apple did state that the standby battery life would reduce from 300 hours on the iPhone 4 to 200 hours on the iPhone 4S, but active-use battery life for the iPhone 4S was supposed to remain the same, rather improve.  However, it has been reported that some users are consistently experiencing rapid battery drains, both while in standby and in active use.

In order to address this issue, Apple engineers have started contacting the iPhone 4S owners to ask them about their experience with the new iPhone 4S, particularly regarding battery life. Rest assure, the company in Cupertino has a real issue on its hands, and customers are now being reached to try and alleviate battery drainage.

Few customers have already reported that Apple has given them a call wherein engineers ask them to install diagnostics software that they must then send back to Apple to have the results reviewed.

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