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An Easy Way to Find Out Your Device UDID For iOS 5 Activation

A UDID registration is required to activate iOS beta firmware in your device. Moreover, your UDID registration shows whether your device is registered with Apple developer program or not. Before registering device UDID, you are not allowed to install iOS 5 Beta-1 firmware on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Here is an easy way to find out your device’s UDID for iOS 5 Beta activation:


  • Attach your iPhone, iPod or iPad touch device with your PC.
  • Go to main menu and run iTunes.
  • ITunes application will be open.
  • Now, click on your device name to choose your device.
  • Move your mouse pointer on the center of iTunes application window and search for ‘Serial Number’.
  • Click on it after finding it.
  • Here you will see that ‘serial number’ disappears and a new term appear named ‘Identifier (UDID)’.
  • Note this UDID carefully.

Process completed. That is all you need to do for getting your device’s UDID.

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