2012 iPad 3 / iPad HD Pictures- Amazing Apple release

For iPad users, Apple has introduced iPad 2 after iPad 1. On March 2011, iPad 2 came into market. iPad 2 demand has increased because of its lighter design, radically thinner size, dual camera and dual-core processor in it.

Not only this, iPad 2 uses Apple’s signature mobile platform. This platform is considered the best platform for mobile operating system throughout the world. Moreover, almost 100,000 iPad apps are present in iTunes app store.

News is coming regarding new iPad that it will surely be thinner than iPad 2. Other features that might be available in iPad 3 are 5 megapixel camera, curved rear glass, new antenna, speakers, front camera face time HD, video recording in full HD 1080p and retina display.

One more headline came that Apple has started testing on retina display that will be added in iPad 3. If it happens then iPad 3 would be the king of all consumer tablets.

We can’t say any word regarding iPad 3 release. It also seems that apple will introduce another iPhone for new generation and then it will plan for radically redesigned iPad device. We can guess from few predictions that Apple Company would release iPad 3 in 2012. Apple has not announced any date yet.

To check interesting mockup of iPad 3 or iPad HD click on link given below:                    

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