Top 10 Solar Powered Concept Cars

No 4. Volvo Dakar Rally

This is neither confirmed news nor is it something that the organizers of the grueling race are planning for come the year 2015. But this very well could be the way Dakar Rally goes considering the shape which auto industry is taking and with growing prices and demand for fossil fuel. This is nothing beyond a concept impression of an artist with flowing eco-juices and it depicts a future rough race that is powered by renewable resources and the solar-powered Volvo will be one of the prime contenders, hopefully!

Solar-Powered Volvo probably could do a lot better if it were to use the power of the wind in the rally as that would be available in plenty when you are taking part in the race. I still would like to see a model that integrates small turbines which do not affect the aerodynamics of the car too much yet produce a considerable amount of power. This kind of design could be well integrated in to designs of other vehicles like the rail structures. The car though with the solar-roof is pretty cool to sport around.

No 3. Shoo

It is the age of the concept cars and while they have taken over minds and imagination, they still have a long way to go before they take over the roads. Some say that it is inevitable and the others tell you that it is impossible and yet they go on merrily coming out more and more in number. The good thing about these concept cars is that they are also incorporating green gadgets and technologies more and more in them. ‘Peugeot Shoo’ is something that is all about solar glow.

The car is designed in a stable triangle shape to give it plenty of design and a lot of space as well. It has a solar roof enabling energy of the sun to be capture and transformed to run its electrical engine. The car is not only a zero-emission vehicle but even the power for its electric engine is from alternate sources making it truly and completely eco-friendly.

While the car can tango on its pretty awesome suspension, it amalgamates the features of ergonomic design with clean power to deliver big time. Now just don’t hold your breath on this one coming to the roads!

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