Top 10 Solar Powered Concept Cars

No 8. EVE

If you thought that the Chameleon was smart enough when it comes to changing shades and conserving energy with its ambush hunting, then think again. “Eve” is one of the most delightful concept cars that you would have seen in quite some time. Designed by Omar Huerta, the car is filled with plenty of green features. While the car does not change colors as dramatically as a Chameleon does, Eve can change the shades by using a unique light reflecting technique that is synchronized with the mood of the driver. So, the merrier you are, the brighter your car is!

Eve also has a specially coated windshield that helps it tap into solar energy. The body of the car is made from an exclusive mixture of polymers that generate electricity through the friction of the wheels. This, along with solar power, would be almost sufficient to run Eve emission-free. Crafted for three, Eve is all about going green.

The Dark Side:

Like many concept cars, Eve might also never see the light of day. The fancy look and the all-electric engine depend on a polymer technology that is still to be found and tested. All this surely means that Eve is not coming out in the next couple of decades.

No 7. VW VAN

It seems that concept designers nowadays are trying to solve the problems of the environment with their own designs that they hope will come to life. Adam Danko has also shown the design of his dreams which he calls the VW VAN. This amazing car design, which Adam says is a reincarnation of the classic old car – the VW Transporter T1 — consists of an electric power house with a multitude of charging options.

The chassis of this car would consist of metal girders and the body would consist of glass that would be transparent from inside. The dual door car is designed to house an electric engine, which should provide about 150-200 PS. The car is equipped with solar panels, which are mounted on the rooftop, and during the rainy season the car can be plugged in to the home power socket. Moreover, the car’s batteries also get continuously charged from the energy regrouped from braking.

The Dark Side:

Since the designer has not stated much about the technical side of this car, we really can’t say anything much about the top speed of the VW VAN. We do, however, believe that a battery that would provide 200 PS would be heavy and would affect the all-round performance of the car. Also, a car with a glass body can in no terms be stated safe for travel.

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