10 Largest Databases of the World

No 6. LexisNexis

LexisNexis is a company providing computer-assisted legal research services which bought Choicepoint in 2008, and Choicepoint was in the business of acquiring information about the American population including everything from phone numbers to criminal histories. It had over 250 terabytes of data on the American population until it was bought by LexisNexis. Just imagine what LexisNexis would be holding on to.

No 5. Sprint

The third largest wireless telecommunications network in the US has a database of over 55 million users. Sprint processes over 365 million call detail records per day. Making up its huge database are 2.85 trillion rows of information.

No 4. Google

The list wouldn’t be complete without Google. Subjected to around 100 million searches per day, Google is one of the largest databases in the world that has over 33 trillion database entries. After all, Google stores each and every search of every user into its database; creepy? Well…

No 3. AT&T

Bigger than sprint, AT&T boasts 1.9 trillion calling records which contribute to 323 terabytes worth of information. One factor behind the massiveness of its database is the fact that AT&T has been maintaining databases from the time when the technology to store terabytes wasn’t even available.

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