10 Greatest Battles of World War 2

No 8. Battle of Ardennes – December 16, 1944 to January 28, 1945

Also known as the Battle of the Bulge, the Battle of Ardennes was a German offensive launched towards the end of World war II in the thick forests of the Ardennes Mountains region of Belgium, France and Luxembourg on the Western Front. The German code name for the offensive was Unternehmen Wacht am Rhein, which meant “Operation Watch on the Rhine” in English. Even with enough intelligence on a possible offensive, the Ardennes Offensive caught the Allies off guard. But still, the offensive was a failure and Germany lost over 100,000 of its men and the Allies lost about 20,000 of theirs.

Here is a HD quality video on the offensive:

No 7. Battle of Moscow – November 17, 1941 to January 28, 1942

During the battle of Moscow, the Germans laid out two offensives during Operation Typhoon; one to the north of Moscow another to the south but the Soviet forces launched a counter-offensive which effectively suppressed the German operation. Additionally, the soviet forces launched many smaller offensives and surrounded almost three German armies in the process by pushing them back to positions around the cities of Oryol,Vyazma and Vitebsk.

Germany lost 200,000 of its men whereas casualties for Soviet union reached 1,000,000.

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