Mac Defender

Want Security? Get A Mac Says Eric Schmidt

Eric Schmidt, Google’s executive chairman, has pointed to Macs as the weapon of choice for those in need of security. The ex-Apple board member further said that viruses are less probable to affect mac users. Keen not to upset Google too much, Schmidt did mention that security can be increased by using Google chrome as

Apple Responds Quickly To Latest MACDefender Variant

Yesterday, we witnessed that a quick move was made by the attackers behind the “Mac Defender” malware to combat Apple’s new security update, within hours a new variant got released of the malware that was capable of dodging around Apple’s new protection.   Gladly for users, Apple has moved just about as quickly as the

Mac Defender Attackers Circumvent Latest Snow Leopard Safeguards

A report notes, malware coders have already succeeded to bypass the initial antivirus signatures implemented with Security Update 2011-003. A new version of Mac Defender, linked to a file called Mdinstall.pkg, appears to have been intentionally crafted to go undetected by up-to-date copies of Snow Leopard. The file is even time stamped to Tuesday at

In Nuking Mac Defender, Apple Intros Self-Updating Anti-Malware Database To OS X

Apple has lastly stepped in to crushing MacDefender, the malware that has blown up on users’ machines over the last few weeks. Fulfilling their promise to nuke MacDefender from orbit, Apple has just released Mac Security Update 2011-003. The update has more to it than only a MacDefender nuke, though. For the first time ever,

‘MacGuard’ Malware Attacks Hollywood’s Favorite Computers

Mac computers are normally loved by screenwriters, directors and cinematographers for its ease of use with editing images and writing software. Popular programs like Final Cut Pro, Final Draft etc make the Mac the laptop a choice for much of the entertainment industry. But over the last few weeks, a set of Trojan horses has

Mac Malware Is Back In Action

Mac Defender malware may have been conquered by Apple with an official support page and a commitment to wipe out the hitch through a software update, but that’s not keeping malware authors from fighting back. A new sort of fake antivirus software called Mac Guard has emerged, and in contrast to Mac Defender, it needs

Apple Finally Offers Mac Malware Removal Instructions

Quite some turmoil has been there regarding the Mac and its security since Trojan horse Mac Defender appeared on the scene earlier this month. Now Apple has finally reacted, with a Knowledge Base article focused on Mac Defender. Apple’s document with the title of “How to avoid or remove Mac Defender malware,” notes that the

Apple Continues To Direct Its Support Reps: Do Not Assist With Mac Malware

According to numerous tech support insiders, the company is strongly defying any help to affected customers. In spite of evidence that a huge number of customers have gotten affected by this issue, no public statement has been made by Apple. Calls’ volume for Mac Defender-related queries is persisting to be high. As per one Apple