Vertical Vinyl Record Player Adds A Touch Of Classiness To Your Home

vertical vinyl record 1

Roy Harpaz, a brilliant Israel-based designer, has created an elegant and sleek new record player that combines the future with retro days, with a vertical egg-shaped package.

vertical vinyl record 2

While it offers the same old analog sound with a linear tracking system, it features technologies such as a remote control with LED touch buttons on the front panel. Thanks to a sensor that scans the tracks on each vinyl insert, the walnut-designed player even allows you to skip through the tracks that were etched into the vinyl disc and even find different points in a song.

vertical vinyl record 4

Records that are probably warped and bent over time from heat can even be inserted into the slot of the ‘toc’ player and still be played, without any problems.

The remote control, which is also made of maple and is oval shaped, helps to make the toc player a more modern home device.

vertical vinyl record 3

Though the player is looking great, information as to whether the product actually exist, if it is being created as part of a Kickstarter campaign or is simply a concept, has yet to be revealed.

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