Ultra Lightweight Bicycle!

Urban dwellers know how easy it is to move from one place to another on bicycles. Especially for those who want to reach their destinations in time with some healthy exercise on their way, indeed bicycles are perfect call for such situations. Nowadays bicycle manufacturers are doing everything they can to stand out in the crowded market. Among them, Blackbraid bicycle is giving something that is purely different from any other brand.

PG Bikes and Munich Composites had a joint venture to create one of the lightest bikes on the market. One must give credit to the creators over the successful completion of this project. Believe it or not! this new bike weighs less than 5 kg and it does not compromise over durability and strength. The carbon fiber used in it’s constructions gives it real edge in cutting short the weight of the bike. This bike is available in two models, one with single speed and other is the 14 gear touring model.





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