Your Heart Beat Is Your Password

We are not far from the time when you will be unlocking your computers simply by placing your hands on your keyboard and keyboards will be having sensors which will detect your heart beat and it will unlock the PC for you. The technology is still in the prototype mode, but its good to know that we have reached that far in science.

It all works on the principle of ECG that is electrocardiograph. Just like your finger prints your heart beat is also different from any one else. When you touch your keyboard the encryption of that heartbeat will begin and on recognizing the same user your hard disk or your computer will be unlocked.

The difficulty comes when there is the difference in your heart beat! Well yes it happens your heart beats on irregular pattern and never follow the same pattern as before so the encryption becomes difficult to match the user. Therefore the researchers are trying to put solution of it by entering the encryption scheme and changing the initial conditions that will lead to various conditions!

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