Here is the solution if iPhone freezes

Apple has made significant approach towards the sale of iPhone, and this product has got more and more customer, and those users belong to different classes of society. Some of them using it for very basic use, but most of them use it at broad level by using advanced applications in it. This smart phone has got immense variety in it, which sometimes causes of some freezing and slow proceedings. If a user playing in number of applications like Facebook, games and other latest applications, it can make this phone freeze. This puts extra burden on RAM usage and in result phone got stuck.

This issue does not occur most of the time, but if it does, people get worried how to get out of it? Since iPhone does not allow to remove its battery and allow you to restart it. When you face situation like this, the solution for this problem is very simple. Just hold the home button and wake/sleep button at same time, it will take some seconds and phone will restart. The display of apple logo will appear shortly. And that is all you have to do when your iPhone freezes up.

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