Top 10 Worst Explosion Disasters

#7 Steamship Sultana Explosion

Place Archangel, RUSSIA
Date February 20, 1917
Killings Estimated number killed 1,547
Reason The Ship named Sultana, used to make recurrent journeys up and down the Mississippi canal between New Orleans and St. Louis during the war, often carrying military personnel. This is observed as the worst maritime disaster in the American History. During one trip the ship’s boiler exploded on Sultana a paddle steamer.






#6 Hamont Station Explosion

Date August 3, 1918
Killings Estimated number killed 1,750
Reason Train carrying ammunition at the Hamount Station got triggered and caught fire resulting in massive destruction.




#5 Halifax Explosion

Place Halifax, NOVA SCOTIA
Date December 6, 1917
Killings Estimated number killed 1,963
Reason The SS Mont Blanc, a French freight vessel, laden with wartime explosives, which fortuitously crashed with the Norwegian SS Imo resulting in a massive devastation of the Canadian City of Halifax.





#4 Lanchow Explosion

Place Lanchow, CHINA
Date October 26, 1935
Killings Estimated number killed 2,000
Reason Researchers and investigators haven’t yet declared the original cause of the explosion however the accounts suggest that the explosion was started from and catalyzed by an arsenal fire.




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