Top 10 Worst Explosion Disasters

#3 Salang Tunnel

Place Salang Tunnel, AFGHANISTAN
Date November 3, 1982
Killings Estimated number killed more than 2,000 people
Reason During the Soviet-Afghan war, the tunnel of Salang was a vital military connection to the South but prone to surprise attacks from Afghanis. On November 3, 1982 the Salang tunnel fire was caused after a gasoline tanker truck blew up in the tunnel and the fire engulfed a military convoy.






#2 The Breschian Explosion

Place Breschia, ITALY
Date August 18, 1769
Killings Estimated number more than 3000 people
Reason The following explosion was caused when the thunder lightning struck the Church of San Nazaire which eventually caught fire and Italy suffered a massive number of population decrement.





#1 The Great Explosion of Rhodes

Place Rhodes, GREECE
Date April 3, 1856
Killings Estimated number killed nearly 4000 people
Reason The explosion in Rhodes holds the record for the most catastrophic and calamitous explosion of all times. The inferno caused was a lightning strike, which regrettably hit a gunpowder storage cargo and resulted in a gigantic explosion.

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