Top 10 Worst Explosion Disasters

The explosions were not any kind of terrorist attacks not even the explosions caused by nuclear warfare rather they were caused by the mistakes of man. The top 10 list starts here;

#10 Fort Stikine explosion

Place Bombay, INDIA
Date April 14, 1944
Killings Estimated number killed 1,376
Reason The freight ship named “Fort Stikine” explosion was caused by ammo present in this vessel some philosophers also claim that the huge detonation was the result of a Japanese interference and destruction caused to this vessel.





#9 Smederevo Explosion

Place Smederevo, YUGOSLAVIA
Date June 9, 1941
Killings Estimated number killed 1,500
Reason For the duration of WWII the stronghold of Smederevo was used for ammunition storage space. On June 5, 1941, the ammunition exploded throughout the whole of Smederevo. This catastrophic blast reached to its conclusion as far as 10 km away from the source of the blaze.





#8 Ammo Ship Explosion

Place Archangel, RUSSIA
Date February 20, 1917
Killings Estimated number killed 1,500
Reason There was also an Ammo Ship Explosion in Archangelsk, Russia on February 20, 1917 during World War 1, somehow triggered by ammo carried on the vessel.




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