Unblock contacts in Google Talk

Google talk is a service that allows the users to chat with friends and family over the internet. Google is making efforts to make it more and more better. Google talk allows the user to block any unwanted contact. But there is no option to unblock that contact. If you happened to block any of your contact and want to get it back, then follow the given procedure.

  • Sign in to your gmail account and open your inbox.
  • In the module of google talk, type the user name of the blocked contact. Point over the link of the profile and click the button of chat.
  • Open the chat window of the contact. Google talk will show the status of the contact as offline. Write any message. You will get the message “You cannot send a message to a blocked contact.”
  • Now just click the button of Options given at the bottom of the chat window and click the option of Unblock.
  • This way you will get the contact back and can send and receive messages without any problem.

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