10 Genius Yet Hilarious Parenting Hacks Invented By Today’s Parents

Parenthood is probably one of the hardest jobs. Not only is it hard, but it is a job that you cannot just up and quit unlike you’re nine to five. Contrary to parents that had kids in the 80s and 90s, the parents of children born in the 2000s have a lot to handle. That includes seeing their kids talk on the phone 24/7, talk in #hashtags and constantly post selfies on social media. With all these added distractions, it only makes it more difficult for parents to get them to do their chores. So, they will have to get creative.

Since telling them to just do their chores won’t work, parents have had to get super creative with ensuring that they get them done. Some parents have been nice enough to share their genius hacks, and some of them will have you laughing on the floor. Here are some genius yet funny parenting hacks that some parents have came up with to get their kids to do their chores.

1. A Lesson About Tax


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