Top 10 Sniper Rifles

No 1. L115A3 AWM (British)

Type Sniper rifle
Place of origin United Kingdom
Service history
In service 1997 – present
Used by See Users
Wars Afghanistan War, Iraq War
Production history
Manufacturer Accuracy International
Weight 6.5 kg (14.3 lb) (.300 Winchester Magnum)
6.9 kg (15.1 lb) (.338 Lapua Magnum)
with stock, bipod and empty magazine
Length 1200 mm (47.2 in) (.300 Win. Mag.)
1230 mm (48.4 in) (.338 Lapua Magnum)
Barrel length 660 mm (26 in) (.300 Win. Mag.)
686 mm (27 in) (.338 Lapua Magnum)

Cartridge .300 Winchester Magnum
.338 Lapua Magnum
Action Bolt-action
Effective range 1,100 metres (1,203 yd)
.300 Winchester Magnum[1]
1,400 metres (1,531 yd)
.338 Lapua Magnum[1]
Feed system 5-round detachable box magazine
Sights detachable aperture type iron sights
day or night optics

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