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This Superjet Lets You Fly Underwater

Looking at the pics, you might think ‘what’s new it’s just a jet’  – but this machine is built to fly through water. The Deep Flight Super Falcon (DFSF) is sculpted like a heavy-duty fighter jet with two 8.8-feet wide wings at each side, super slim skeleton and waterproof windows. The 20.11 feet DFSF soars through water unlike conventional submarines that sink simply into water. Even imagining this entity and the adventure of its voyage, is thrilling.

Moreover, it’s buoyant, lightweight hull is designed for “flying” through the sea via “downward lift” motion based on the same principles as aircraft. It als0 uses a pressurized cockpit that caters the atmospheric pressure as the driver goes deeper, up to a depth of about 1,600 feet. It has a capacity of two or three riders with a maximum weight of 507 pounds combined. It’s also motorized by environmentally friendly brushless DC thrusters and lithium iron phosphate batteries that give it a maximum cruising speed of six knots.





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