New Offerings From Nokia

Believe it or not, Nokia are still one of the main competitors on the mobile phone market, and are soon to be bringing out a brand new phone. The Nokia Asha 501 has been announced and you’ll be surprised to learn that it’s not actually a smart phone. Bosting a responsive and revamped operating system, it seems that Nokia are planning to break down barriers and expectations. If you have your eye on a new gadget but are worried you won’t yet be able to afford it, Cash Window can help.


Over at the Coolest Gadgets they have a lot to say about the new Nokia Asha 501 and seem quite excited. Despite being on a new operating system, the Nokia offers the full touchscreen experience, social networking and content sharing compatibility. Bosting a range of colours from bright red, bright green, cyan, yellow, white and black colours perhaps the most significant thing is the look of the new phone, appearing slightly chubby, with curved, easy to hold edges. Though perhaps it’s a risk to bring out a completely new operating system in this time, when the best phone manufacturers are getting better. For a more general view of the best new phones available you can visit:

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