Top 10 Nuclear Powered Military Machines

No 8. HMS Turbulent (S87)

She is a Trafalgar class submarine of the Royal Navy. After being commissioned in 1984 she went through her modernization and first nuclear refuel in 1997. She took part in Iraq war and returned home in 2003 after firing 30 Tomahawk cruise missiles.


No 7. K-152 Nerpa

Launched in 2008, The K-152 Nerpa is Russia’s nuclear-powered attack submarine of the Akula II class. She entered into service with the Russian Navy in 2009. Its construction was delayed for about a decade due to lack of funding.

The K-152 Nerpa met an accident in 2008 when a fire suppression system discharged gas in the bow of the sub, killing 20 sailors and injuring several.

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