Top 10 most expected gadgets in 2012

No. 3 PlayStation 4

Every company and organization is leaping forward in the year 2012 so inorder to compete with the race of the world Sony as well has plans to launch the latest and elegant design Playstation 4. It has been expected that Sony’s Playstation 4 will be the best gaming console and gamers will love this device for the latest up gradation. It is stated that Sony should keep its price reasonable so that it will be approachable for everyone.

No. 2 Windows Kinect

Kinect is a device that can be attached with Xbox 360 and play station and it gives gamer the real time game experience with having body movements. The Kinect device in the past was just meant for specific things as mentioned above but in 2012 windows Kinect will be revealed that can also be attached with laptops and personal computers.

No. 1 Apple HDTV

The Apple HD TV is the top ten number one products which is most anticipated to come in this year 2012 and it’s the third gadget in our list from the company of Apple. It is going to be available in 13″, 15” and 19″ range. Being an apple product it will not be just a simple Television like other you will be able to play games, videos, run applications and have control over social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The Apple HD TV will definitely pose a serious competition in the market of Televisions.


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