Top 10 Inventions Of 2012

7. LiquiGlide



Spend about 25$ and buy a bottle of LiquiGlide made by five students and a professor of MIT. The bottle is full of special type of liquid having microscopic oily coating. Pour it on any surface and make anything slide off it.


6. OraQuick Home HIV Test

OraQuick Home HIV Test

OraQuick is an effective HIV test that signals HIV infection within 20 minutes by using with saliva/spit. Neither you need not to visit the doctor, nor do you need to wait for the results. The Kit is available for $40 only and includes 24/7 helpline numbers to contact just in case of positive result.


5. Eliodomestico Solar Water Distiller

Eliodomestico Solar Water Distiller

Gabriele Diamanti, a freelance designer invented a water distiller that works with solar energy. Spending $50 and getting 67%, better result as compared to other products in the market is not an expensive deal.

4. Enable Talk Gloves

Enable Talk Gloves


Four students of Ukraine have created gloves with sensors to fulfill the communication gap between impaired people and those who do not understand their special signs. Gloves understand the signs and translate them into text on smartphones and voice afterwards.


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