Top 10 Inventions Of 2012

3. Techpet



A new ‘Techpet’ app – just download it, fix your iPhone in a robotic doggy frame and have fun. You can also command this little cute puppy via camera or microphone or feed through touch screen.


2. Nike Flyknit Racer

Nike Flyknit Racer


Engineers at Nike practices advancement in their products. This time, they came with an eco-friendly and lighter sneakers that enforces more grip on any sort of surface. This exciting pair of sneakers is available at a rate of $150 only.


1. Self-inflating tires

Self-inflating tires


Goodyear tires offer new innovation in the world of tires. Now you do not need to worry about low air pressure in tires as these self-inflating tires does the wonder. As soon as the pressure becomes low, an internal pressure regulator opens to let air pass into pumping tube, which then passes to the tire through an inlet valve as the wheel rotates. Once refilling of air reaches the appropriate level, regulator shuts automatically.

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