Top 10 Best Video Game Weapons Ever

Number Eight: Unreal Tournament’s Redeemer

Controlling the Redeemer was always an imprecise science. Once you fired the one-shot mini-nuke, the camera would switch to the missle’s perspective, and you’d have to wind it around corners to reach your target. Fortunately, it didn’t matter if your aim wasn’t perfect, because even the splash damage was impossible to survive.

Number Seven: Halo: Combat Evolved’s Pistol

It’s no surprise that Bungie nixed the pistol as it functioned in the original Halo. It was just too deadly and accurate, to the point where no other weapon mattered. In other words, it was a great gun, and some gamers were understandably upset with its no-scope replacement, which was useless without another weapon in hand. Maybe this was the UNSC’s biggest military blunder.

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