These Guys Just Can’t Let “Frozen” Go… Like, Seriously

It may have already been a good 5 months since Disney’s blockbuster animated film “Frozen” took the world by storm, but some people just still can’t let go.

Take these Navy baseball players Brad Borosak and Matt Kilby, who did a lip sync of the duet “Love Is An Open Door” and did it with the perfect timing and funny facial expressions. They definitely brought meaning to the up and coming phenomenon known as the “brozen.

As if that’s not funny enough, here are a group of Marines who really like the award-winning song, “Let It Go”… as in, they really like it so much. It’s quite obvious by the way they were wholeheartedly singing along that they’ve seen it many times already. We highly recommend that you wait till you hit the 2:20 mark to see their reaction that will make you laugh so hard, guaranteed.

How about you? Are you still on a “Frozen” high and just can’t let it go just like these guys?

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