K House- Sydney’s Scenic Building

By a mere casual look, K House might pass to be just an ordinary building to any person. However, this is one of the few buildings that stand tall at the heart of Sydney city in Australia. Its lovely structural design tells it all about what the city has to offer.

The building is generally shadowy and menacing thanks to the good design work by Chenchow Little. The company’s rich history of designing houses for over ten years s tells it all. Unlike many houses, K House does not have windows or added extras that create the best first impression. Sharp planes made of concrete and timber boards make up its general structure. One can have the best view of K House from the garden which brings out the fascinating images of the beautiful building.

From the interior, the building has high levels of privacy making it good for family bookings. All rooms and corners are well lit and you will get the best impression as a first timer at K House. The architects got everything right as far as design is concerned. The location of the house at the heart of Sidney city offers one of the best scenic views of the skyline and other beautiful scenes around.

Source: Building

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