Reset Password on your Mac OS X Computer

Usually everyone faces such type of situation that you create a new password for your Mac OS X and then forget it. For that purpose you must know how to reset the password for the Mac OS X.

For those having Windows PC could easily reset the password with Ubuntu Live CD or the System Rescue CD with in some minutes. Your password could be cracked whenever you want.

There are really some simple ways for resetting password on OS X without any trouble.

Method One: Using the Install Disk

First of all you should take the OS X Installation Disk and put it into the drive. After booting the disk select your language and then Mac OS X creates an environment of Installation.

Now from the Utilities menu select Reset Password


You can change password now by selecting the account from the drop down menu and in this way new password and password hint is created.

As you have changed the password so you need to reset the ACLs. After that save it and restart the computer.

You can easily login to OS X with your newly created password.

Method Two: Tricking OS X into Running the First Boot

For easy recovery of your forgotten password you should boot into Single User Mode and should remove that file in OS X where first boot setup has run.

Just press and hold the Command and S keys to reboot your computer in a Single User Mode after which the setup starts.

After booting mount it in the volume in which it is required. You will see that it will just be your boot disk and mounted as “/”.

As you each “Enter the Apple ID” screen press the Command and Q keys to pass through rest of the commands. Click skip when asked. Now a new Administrator account is created for you OS X. now you can choose new password or password hint easily by clicking Reset Password.

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