Review: Apple iPhone 4 device

Apple Company is the most popular Company in designing mobile devices. One of its big achievement is iPhone design that contains wonderful features and coming in versions. Ideal mobile contains functionalities like good battery life, smaller, thinner and simple in design. You see all these features work in iPhone 4. It has a new feel, new look and bundles of new skills.

iPhone 4 features

  • iPhone 4 contains a wonderful screen with high resolution.
  • Video conferencing is available that is easy to use.
  • 5-megapixel camera with touch focus and LED flash attached in new generation iPhone gives best quality. It takes great pictures and HD video. Front facing camera is also present.
  • It is compatible with all features of iOS 4, including multitasking.
  • Battery is also improved as compared to previous iPhone versions.
  • Dual A4 processor with fast speed is added into it. RAM is also enough to store your desire items.
  • Moreover, it has rich app store.


There are few drawbacks too in Apple 32 GB iPhone 4 as below

  • Cellular signal in device can be interrupted by hand placement.
  • It does not allow you to play back HD video to external display.
  • Glass on front and back could damage the device totally.

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