Before & After: Watch How Photoshop Changes the Way You See Celebs

With the rise of Photoshop comes more issues connected to excessively edited photos of prominent celebrities, which are bordering on unrealistic and simply ridiculous. The result of all these is the way the “normal” women view real beauty by having flawless skin and a slim body, which is not even the case for these celebs in real life as well.

Check out some of the most popular alterations done to your favorite celebs: Britney Spears (Candies 2010 promotional shoot), Kim Kardashian (Complex Magazine, 2009), and Keira Knightley (“King Arthur” movie poster).




On a related note, Buzzfeed released this video that serves as some sort of PSA on how these Photoshopped photos affect everyday women. More importantly, it features more samples of before and after shots of celebs… and some of these might even surprise you:


Video Credit: Buzzfeed

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